Are Turtles Lucky or Unlucky?

Yes, turtles are lucky. Prior to humans, turtles had been roaming the universe for centuries.

It is possible that the first people observed that turtles were more important to the world and the gods than other reptiles, which is why turtles are regarded as lucky.

Because turtles are known for their long lifespans, humans thought keeping turtles in their homes would help them live longer. In most religions, this can be found.

There are more than 4300 different religions globally, and all of these consider turtles lucky in some way.

Let me use this post as a medium to explain how turtles can bring luck & prosperity to your life in the easiest way.

What Do Turtles Symbolize?

Diversity of Life

Everything in life is governed by dualism. Both good and evil exist, and everything else in between.

The key to living a tranquil, contented, and prosperous life is understanding and embracing these contradictory aspects of yourself. Being in harmony with life is also known as flowing with the flow.

Turtles are a good symbol of duality because they can survive on land and water. So in a sense, you can see they are perfectly aligned with nature.

The sudden appearance of a turtle in your life serves as a gentle reminder to go with the flow. So, instead of making efforts to change the world, it’s better to accept it for what it is.

Remember, living in harmony with the flow of life has its benefits. If you try to oppose nature, it will answer equally.


It’s not uncommon for turtles to live for the ages. And throughout their life journey,  Wisdom is the one ability they get over time.

These creatures have also been around for a long time on this planet. From the big bang to this day, they know everything about the history and secrets of our universe.

Brings Cognitive Consistency

The turtle symbolizes equilibrium because of its ability to move between land and water.

Now tell me – Do you procrastinate often?

No matter how much time and effort you pour into it, your creative endeavors seem to be stalling.

When your creative equilibrium is out of whack, you may feel disjointed, aimless, and uninspired. But the good thing to note is –  Meditation on the turtle totem helps boost focus and motivation.

Stop overanalyzing And Listen To Subtle Answers.

Despite its slow and quiet nature, the turtle is full of knowledge. Similarly, sometimes the answers to our issues are right there before you, but you don’t perceive them as you should.

A turtle represents an omen you’re on the verge of finding answers in your dreams or the world around you during waking moments.

There are clues and whispers that your prayers have been heard, but they are subtle. The turtle’s presence reminds you to quit overthinking and pay more attention to your immediate surroundings.

Wellness And Safety

When a turtle leaves its shell, it leaves behind its habitat. The word “home” conjures up images of security, coziness, protection, and general well-being.

A positive omen comes your way if you see or hear a turtle in your dreams or while you’re awake.

New chances await

Good things are on the way if you have a turtle as a spirit guide in your life.

There are some exceptional gifts if you see a turtle with its head strung up in your sleep.

When a turtle’s safety is in doubt, it will rarely lift its head from its shell. The same is true for possibilities only available to a select few.

Female Power And Peace

Even though turtles are known for their docile disposition, they are also known for adapting to any environment they come into.

Native American cultures revere the turtle as a bringer of harmony. Feminine energy is embodied in this animal’s gracefulness and deliberate stride.

Focus Pays Off

The turtle is often represented as a powerful and grizzled matriarch in ancient folklore and mythology.

Even though the turtle’s shell can hold a lot of weight, it shows a sign of strength and endurance.

Despite the weight of its shell, the turtle can enjoy both water and land to the fullest.

Because of her slow pace, you could conclude that the turtle is doomed to fail and never accomplish anything. However, she’s still going strong at the age of 80 and doing things independently.

The turtle is a sign of perseverance and steadfastness. You can accomplish anything you put your mind to if you have these two characteristics.

With all this representation, it becomes super important for you to provide the right care to your pet turtle.

Otherwise, they would end up –

And in case, you’ve got a snapping turtle at your home, this care guide will help you.

Where to keep the turtle in the house?

Most turtles are kept with their backs to the north to attract good fortune. But, they can be positioned in a variety of ways to suit the homeowner’s needs.

If you’re having trouble deciding where to put your turtle, see this table:

Types Of TurtlePurposeDirection
Dragon TurtleIt guards the wearer against evil spirits and negative influences.North or Northeast
Female TurtleReduces the likelihood of family strife.North facing the door
Glass TurtleThe peace, harmony, and prosperity it brings to you and your familyEast or Southeast
Hematite TurtleAids in the fight against incurable diseases.North or Northwest
Metal TurtleIncreases one’s or one’s family’s well-beingNorth or Northwest
Stone TurtleInsomnia and anxiety are cured. Attracts a lot of money, too.Under the bed or North
Wooden TurtleGet rid of all the bad energy in your house. Joy, good actions, and accomplishments are brought about through it.East or Southeast
Lucky Turtle Directions

Turtle Figurines Placement Direction (According to Feng Shui)

Feng Shui EffectsPlacementPurpose
Career Growthliving room or workplace near water facilitiesTurtle Figurine in the living room or workplace represents an increase in income growth and career growth.
Happinessnorth, east, or northwestTurtle Figurine is good for home and happiness. It also helps in dealing with insomnia & anxiety.
HealthbedroomA turtle Figurine placed in the bedroom can effectively combat illness and promote health.
PositivityBack PorchA turtle Figurine placed on the back porch stabilizes the domestic positive energy state.
SafetyBack of the HouseTurtle Figurine placed at the back of the house will bring security to the main door.
Wish-FulfillmentRed-hued clothA Turtle Figurine placed in a red-hued cloth can also be used for Wish-Fulfillment.
Turtle Figurines Placement Direction

That’s all about the placing turtle in the best possible direction. But when keeping your pet turtle in a turtle tank, don’t forget to use the right internal filter for them.

5 Feng Shui turtle for Wealth

Are Turtles Lucky?
Are Turtles Lucky?

Feng Shui Turtles

In addition to the jade turtle’s auspicious energy for prosperity and protection, superior materials used to craft it give it an extra boost of luxury and opulence-enhancing power.

A dragon turtle holds a Chinese coin while perched on a “pedestal” constructed of coins or ingots. If the coin has any gemstones embedded in it, the writing on the coin should always face up.

The Clay Turtle

Having a clay turtle on display can help protect against life’s ups and downs in terms of health and fortune.

With the earth element, clay turtles provide a sense of security and good luck for your home’s knowledge and self-improvement, as well as for your relationship with a partner.

The Powerful Feng Shui Dragon Turtle

If you’ve never seen one before, you’ve had to check it out. It’s an impressive sight, with its dragon head and turtle body, and it frequently rides around with a baby turtle on its back.

When it comes to enhancing luck, the dragon turtle has any turtle’s most potent luck energy you need.

The Simple Turtle

There are many other forms of feng shui turtles, but the basic turtle has the most potential to attract good fortune and good energy. All sorts of feng shui turtles can be beneficially placed in your home with care.

The Triple Tier Tortoise

A turtle with three generations of healthy turtles stacked on top of it is a powerful emblem of life’s longevity.

It is a popular present for weddings and birthdays because of the turtle stack’s excellent health and ancestor luck energies.

Frequently Asked Questions | Are Turtles Lucky?

Is it bad luck to kill a turtle?

Turtles are admired for their ability to bring good fortune and money to various cultures around the world. As a result, the death of a turtle is often interpreted as a portentous sign. It’s thought to indicate from God that something dreadful is about to occur.

According to Feng Shui, is it necessary to Keep Turtle Figurines in/near water?

The statue of the Feng Shui turtle must be kept in the water. Alternatively, it can be stored on a plate or in a transparent dish. Bring in some water and some eye-catching stones for good measure. Vastu Shastra says it will enhance your home’s beauty while bringing harmony, tranquility, prosperity, and long life.

Concluding Lines – Are Turtles Lucky?

I’ll scream this once again –


When you’re into the fishkeeping hobby, it’s important to place your pets according to feng shui & Vaastu.

Similar to these 7 lucky fish, if you’re interested in getting sea turtles or land turtles for your home, this post is for you.

If followed right, you would be able to bring…

  • Fertility
  • Good Fortune
  • Longevity
  • Rain and Harvest
  • Good Luck
  • Good Health
  • Wisdom
  • Strength and Stability
  • Patience

…to your house.

That’s all for now.

If you need help in deciding the right placement of your turtle according to Feng Shui/Vaastu, feel free to contact us in the comments below or write us at our email address [email protected].