8 Mealworms for Oscar Fish [2022]

Oscar fish are beautiful and can be a great addition to your aquarium.

I’ve already discussed this multiple times on this blog.

They’re also relatively easy to care for, like the majority of aquatic creatures, they need a balanced and nutritious diet to thrive in the fish tank.

With this in mind, I’ll share a list of the best foods you can feed your fish, including some of the best mealworms for Oscar fish. Let’s get started –

What’s the Best Thing to Feed Oscar Fish?

Mealworms for Oscar Fish
Mealworms for Oscar Fish

Oscar fish are omnivorous and enjoy a varied diet.

Although they will eat vegetables, fruit, seeds, and other plant matter, their favorite food is meat.

In addition, their stomachs are designed to consume small fish or crustaceans such as brine shrimp, bloodworms, and brine shrimp nauplii (baby brine shrimp).

If you have purchased Oscar fish from a pet store, they may be used to eating commercial pellets containing a balance of plant-based foods like algae wafers with some animal protein added as krill or shrimp meal.

However, if you have rescued your Oscars from an aquarium where they were swimming in water without any food source, then it’s best not to change their diet too quickly.

The most nutritious way would be gradually introducing them onto chopped-up small pieces of dried shrimps first before adding flakes that contain various drinks such as krill, squid & clam, etc., followed by fresh frozen foods such as mealworms.

What to Feed Oscars to Make Them Grow Faster?

Mealworms for oscar fish
Mealworms for oscar fish

if you want your oscar fish to grow faster, you need to feed them a high-protein diet derived from carnivores’ food.

The best way is to provide them with worms or insects such as crickets, roaches, and mealworms.

These types of food contain all the nutrients that Oscars need for their growth.

You can use frozen ones if you don’t want to feed your Oscar fish live worms or crickets.

However, ensure they are alive when feeding these diets because dead worms will not provide enough nutrition for your fish to grow properly!

Is Mealworm Good for Oscar Fish?

Mealworms for oscar fish
Mealworms for oscar fish

Mealworms are a good source of protein.

They have low fat and high fiber, which makes them easy to digest.

They also contain vitamins and minerals your fish need to stay healthy, such as B12, iron, calcium, and phosphorus.

How do you feed Mealworms to Oscar Fish?

  • Feed your mealworms to your fish in a separate container.
  • Make sure you have a lid on the container.
  • Feed your mealworms sparingly, just a couple or three times per week. Please don’t feed them live food more than that!
  • You don’t want to overfeed your fish, or they’ll become overweight and unhealthy.
  • But, on the other hand, overfeeding is just as bad as underfeeding—your Oscar will not appreciate it if you feed him too much food at once!

Live or Dead: Best Mealworms for Oscar Fish?

If you’re wondering how to live mealworms are better than dead ones, there’s a reason.

Live mealworms are usually more nutritious, which is why they are the preferred food of your Oscar fish.

The downside is that they can take longer to feed if you have to catch them yourself, but it’s worth it!

Dead mealworms are easier to store and come in handy when there’s no time for fishing around on the floor of your tank (or if you’re feeling lazy).

I recommend getting both live and dead as part of a balanced diet for your fish.

However, if you’re only going to get one type – go with the dead ones, as they are readily available and easier to store.

Mealworms to Buy From Amazon.com

Mealworms for oscar fish
Mealworms for oscar fish

1. Fluker’s Gourmet-Style Mealworms

Fluker’s Gourmet-Style Mealworms are a good choice for Oscar fish because they are high in protein, low in fat, and contain essential vitamins and minerals.

In addition to being an excellent source of protein for your Oscar fish, the Fluker’s Gourmet-Style Mealworms also contain essential vitamins and minerals like calcium, phosphorus, vitamin A and B12.

These mealworms have been raised on a natural diet of fresh vegetables and grains without any hormones or antibiotics, so you can feel good about feeding them to your pet fish!

2. Downtown Dried Mealworms

If you choose to feed your oscar fish-dried mealworms, you will want to ensure they are in low-moisture form. This ensures they stay crunchy, don’t get soggy, and turn into a mushy mess.

If you choose to purchase dried mealworms, look for ones that have been freeze-dried or dehydrated rather than oven-dried; this process prevents the insect from absorbing moisture from its environment.

If your pet store does not offer these options (either due to lack of space or demand), ask if there are any other stores nearby that may carry them.

Several online retailers also sell dried mealworms—particularly popular among hobbyists who raise their fish and insects.

Although shipping prices can sometimes be prohibitively high (especially if you’re ordering small quantities), using an online retailer might be worth it if it means finding what you need more quickly.

3. Zilla Reptile Food Munchies MealWorms

Mealworms are an excellent treat for your fish. They’re high in protein and fat, so they give your fish a boost when they need it most.

Mealworms are also packed with fiber, vitamins, minerals, iron, and calcium to keep their bodies healthy. They’re a great way to reward your fish after a long day at work!

4. Fluker’s Fresh Feeder Fresh Mealworms

Fluker’s Fresh Feeder Fresh Mealworms are tiny, brown worms that are a staple in the fish food diet of Oscar fish. They’re easy to feed, and they’re appealing to your Oscar.

The worms can be kept on ice or refrigerated until you want to add them to your tank.

5. Culinary Coop Premium Mealworms

Culinary Coop Premium Mealworms are a high-protein food for your fish. They are also a good source of calcium and vitamin B, essential for your fish’s health.

However, mealworms can be high in fat and low in calcium, so you should only feed them to your fish occasionally or as a treat rather than regularly.

6. Fluker’s Freeze Dried Insects

Fluker’s Freeze Dried Insects are an affordable alternative to live insects for your fish. They’re even convenient for you because you need to add a few drops of water to rehydrate them, and they’re ready for your fish.

When considering the possibilities of foods offered to your Oscar fish, you must consider what is considered healthy snacks. In this case, FitzGerald can eat Fluker’s Freeze Dried Mealworms with no problems whatsoever.

7. PICKY NEB 100% Non-GMO Dried Mealworms

Picky Neb is a well-known brand, and for a good reason. This dried mealworm is a good choice for beginners or anyone who needs to feed their fish something quick and easy.

The worms are small enough that they won’t scare off your fish but big enough that they’ll be satisfying to chomp down on!

Plus, you can order them in bulk at a pretty good value if you have multiple tanks—a great option if you’re looking to set up an aquarium on the cheap.

8. Adaman Dried Mealworms

My initial order took a while due to a shortage of stock, but it was well worth waiting until they finally arrived. The mealworms that the seller sent were enormous!

Compared to the ones I bought at the pet store, my oscar fish consumed them considerably more quickly. The bag was neat, had no fillers, and the next item I ordered was delivered nearly soon.


It’s all about finding a healthy diet for your fish.

You can try different types of worms and see which brand of mealworms works best with your oscar fish.

Mealworms are a great source of protein. But in most cases, newbie fishkeepers tend to overfeed these mealworms to their oscar fish and quickly regret their decision.

Once again, if you’ve no idea what’s the right amount of mealworms for oscar fish, go through this post to make the right decision.

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