Turtle Penis: Why It Gets (Too) Big?

Well, lots of people look at their pet and wonder –

  • What does their junk look like? or
  • What’s the size of their junk (too BIG)? or
  • How do they mate?

I know all these are uncomfortable questions but deep down, you may have already asked these questions gazillion times.

So, after sharing a snapping turtle care guide with you, I’ll:

  • Show you a picture of a turtle penis;
  • A video of turtles mating and making strange noises and
  • Explain why a turtle penis is too large.

Turtle Penis Size

The length of a turtle penis is nearly identical to its overall body length.

When a red-eared slider reaches a height of 10 inches, its penis grows to more than four inches and can be as long as the rest of its body.

The sexual organ of a turtle is located within its shell.

Turtles are hermaphrodites.

In addition, when fully erect, the length of this flaccid turtle penis increases by more than 50 percent, while its width increases by 75 percent, and its girth increases by 10 percent.

What does a turtle penis look like?

Credit: SnakeHuntersTV

What’s the Shape Of A Turtle Penis?

The turtle penis is similar to that of a mammal.

When blood rushes toward it, it expands like a hydraulic cylinder.

What’s the Color Of A Turtle Penis?

Dark Purple.

Do male turtles have Balls?

The answer is YES; turtles do own balls.

While a turtle is in the process of mating, its testicles stay concealed, but its male genital is in full view.

This is because their shells, which contain some of their most valuable resources, shield them from danger.

It is estimated that each of these balls is approximately the size of the yolk of an egg.

In contrast to humans, turtles do not participate in sexual behavior ongoing throughout the year.

However, in preparation for mating, the sexual organs of these animals get stimulated.

This yearning causes their gonads, which generate sperm, to be stimulated to make more sperm.

Both male and female reproductive organs, or gonads, are present in both species of turtles.

However, the gonads of a male are located in the testicles, whereas the gonads of a female are located in the ovaries.

The gonads of a man are responsible for sperm and testosterone, whereas the gonads of a woman are responsible for producing estrogen and progesterone.

The lower abdominal cavity of a turtle houses the turtle’s balls, which are located close to the kidneys.

Contrary to humans, turtles do not have external scrotal sacs on their bodies.

So, while they are having sexual relations, you won’t be able to see their balls.

The balls of turtles are where they create and store their sperm.

The balls that they have are fundamentally different from the balls that those of us who have them have.

These testicles swell up and become more prominent throughout the breeding season.

The turtle’s companion puts them to the test to the fullest.

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Why is a turtle penis so large?

Evolution’s ability to preserve genetic lineage is astounding.

Turtles are similar.

Male turtles have different lengths and thicknesses of tails.

The vaginal opening of female turtles is believed to be at the tail base.

It’s hidden along the tail’s length.

The male turtle’s penis must be longer than the female’s tail to inseminate her.

It’s unlikely that turtles’ large penises are primarily attributable to this due to Cretaceous fossils of sea turtles with longer tails than today’s.

There are also some other instances when turtles flaunt their huge penises.

It is not only during mating that turtles show off their gigantic penis.

Male turtles can often be found with their penises protruding while they sleep.

It is common for them to elevate their back legs and urinate through the cloaca while submerged in water.

They appear to be attempting to chill off their tiniest members.

Their penis will be retracted inside their rectum after a few dips in the water.

When they become hostile, turtles are known to show their penis.

Do snapping turtles, for example, show off their big penises as a defense mechanism?

They’ll typically do this when we put our hands on their carapace.

A turtle penis show may not threaten humans, but it is to its competitors or foes.

The mere appearance of an 8-inch long, purple penis is enough to scare away the incoming aggressors.

How do pet turtles mate?

Mating season is marked by an exchange of chemical signals between a female turtle and its male counterpart, which the latter almost instantly detects.

Following a female’s scent, male turtles will do the same.

Then, as a result of his ferocity, he will also pursue her in the sea.

To locate the female’s vagina, the male will smell her cloacal opening.

Having pursued the female for a long time, the male turtle will finally get in front of her and display his long claws by flapping his forelimbs.

In turtles, long claws are an indication of male chauvinism.

His long claws will then be displayed, and he’ll begin to massage her head with them.

Male turtles, unlike male tortoises, show little aggression towards females during courtship.

Instead, he solicits the permission of the female turtle.

When she turns around and indicates that he should place his penis within her cloaca, she’s dropping hints.

An enormous penis will be shoved into the female’s genital region by the male.

Then, the male passes his semen into the female’s vagina during the union.

Do turtles squeak when they mate?

Turtles’ acoustics have hitherto been understudied.

As far as scientists were concerned, there was nothing they could do.

The ability to hear turtle vocalizations has just recently been discovered with the use of contemporary technology.

Turtles can only generate sound by squeezing the air out of their neck and lungs.

There is a hissing sound that all turtles can make.

When they retreat into their shell, the air whooshes out of them and makes a hissing sound.

Even though it’s more of a wheeze, it still makes that hissing sound.

It has been discovered that some aquatic turtles employ a form of good echolocation to communicate.

Although humans cannot hear it, turtles are not constrained in their interactions with one another or the rest of nature because of this.

Now coming back to the questions – Do they make squeaky noise when mating?

Turtles communicate with one another by producing grunts and other sounds with a low pitch and low frequency.

The squeals of a turtle are only audible to humans when the turtle is mating.

It is common for our ears to be unable to pick up on the mating cries of turtles.

Do turtles moan?

Yeah, they certainly do moan. Check this video for reference:

Frequently Asked Questions

Do turtles remember their owners?

The Turtles Recognize Their Owners! The vast majority of people are unaware of this fact, but many turtles can identify their owners based on their appearance and voice.s

Can turtle pee hurt you?

That’s right. Turtle urine can cause severe difficulties and death in humans. When contacted, it can cause brain damage. That’s why you should always keep sea turtles in a turtle tank with the right internal filter.

How long can female turtles store sperm?

There is evidence that female turtles can store viable sperm for up to four years.


All in all, turtles have evolved for hundreds of millions of years, and their unusual and fascinating physiology is part of what makes them so effective at surviving mass extinctions in the past.

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