Viral Translucent White Fish: Real or Fake?

A photograph of a fish with the title “Frankenstein’s Fish” that was uploaded on Instagram has gained widespread attention.

On the Instagram account rfedortsov official account, which has close to 650,000 followers, the user frequently posts photographs of fish that he has captured while fishing.

a translucent white fish

During the past week, an image that has gone viral depicts a translucent white fish with sunken green eyes, a jagged tail, and fins that look torn.

Even the body of the fish is covered in strange marks, which give the appearance that it was sewn shut at some point.

Some people on social media were able to correctly identify the fish very fast, while others voiced their disappointment.

According to the Marine Biology student in my family, “it looks like a Ratfish from the depths, possibly skinned.”

Sharks are cartilaginous, yet they do not have scales on their bodies.

The Shark Trust in the United Kingdom reports that this species of fish can be located in water as deep as 2,600 meters (8,530 feet).

This creature can handle high pressure caused by staying in such a deep part of the ocean.

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Another fish from the waters was posted with the message, “I hope you are not eating at this moment,” by the account.

There is a dark-colored fish with its eyes popped out and its guts inside of it depicted in the picture. Take a look at this picture:

dark-colored fish with its eyes popped and guts inside
Source: rfedortsov_official_account

“Judging from the poor creature’s enlarged eyeballs and the various organs dangling from its mouth, it suffered barotrauma,” wrote user rebmagra on Twitter.

“The bends,” he called it. During the sudden fall in water pressure that occurs when a deep-sea fish is brought up on a line or in a net, the urinary blockage gets bigger, causing the intestines and eyeballs to protrude out of the fish’s head.

Whenever a fish is brought to the surface in this manner, it is frequently still alive.