What Fish are Oscar Afraid Of?

What Fish are Oscar Afraid Of?

By Hikaru

If you're going for the long game, only then you should get Paroon Sharks for your home aquarium.

1. Paroon shark

2. Texas cichlid

Oscar Cichlids, and African cichlids, are all known to be territorial, and the texas cichlid is no exception.

3. Tiger Barb

There are two main types of hostility you can see in tiger barbs. First, tiger barbs often establish a social hierarchy amongst their tank mates well within the context of their respective schools.


The tetras are not predatory, but when it comes to eating, you can find them chewing on anything they can get in their mouths. (This includes even their tank mates).

4. Bucktooth Tetra

Despite all the reasons behind African Cichlids' popularity among aquarists, their home aquarium mainly turns into failure because of your Inadequate preparations.

5. African Cichlids

The Black wolf fish is known to hang out at the tank's surface.

6. Black Wolf Fish

This is just something they do instinctively.

Despite their high level of aggression, you can provide them the adequate care they deserve.   in groups.

Some aquarium keepers even insist they do well

7. Jewel Cichlid

As a predator, Oscar Fish eats anything smaller in their tank and likes to dominate a similar aggressive fish.

However, this is thrown out of the way when you keep a red devil cichlid and oscar fish together.

8. Red Devil Cichlid

Wolf cichlids have razor-sharp teeth and could bite you if they feel threatened by your hands or cornered while you're working in the tank.

9. Wolf Mini Dovii Cichlids

If not placed with similar fish or other cichlids, they will destroy the aquarium, and you wouldn't be able to do anything to protect its tank mates.

10. Midas cichlid

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