9 Easiest Fish to Take Care Of

9 Easiest Fish to Take Care Of

By Hikaru

Keeping goldfish in a standard fish tank is simple enough, and they will likely survive longer than they would in a lake, because goldfish are adapted to withstand more extreme conditions.

1. Goldfish

2. Betta Fish

If you've never had a pet before or if it's been a while since you last had one, betta fish are a good option for those just getting into the hobby.

3. Bushynose Plecos

The Bushynose Pleco itself may cost anywhere from $6 to $30, but that does not include the price of an aquarium, fish food, cleaning supplies, or aquarium decorations.

Neon tetras are sociable fish that thrive when kept in groups of six or more.

4. Neon Tetras

Because of how quiet and mellow they are, they can coexist with various species of fish.

Keeping Molly fish is an excellent first pet for people who don't have a lot of expertise with fish.

5. Mollies

As long as you remember the fundamentals, these fish will thrive in your care.

Zebrafish are typically harmless, however they have been known to bite at the fins of other fish.

6. Zebrafish

Guppies, zebrafish, betta fish, and angelfish all work well in a community aquarium.

7. Guppies

Since guppies are so good at maintaining their composure in the face of stress, they are a great addition to a community freshwater aquarium with other little fish that aren't likely to become hostile.

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