Expert Fish Care Checklist (When Traveling)

Expert Fish Care Checklist (When Traveling)

By Hikaru

Before you go on and plan your trip, there's a checklist of to manage your aquatic pet when you're away.

A day before you leave, make sure none of your aquarium fish look to be sick.

1. Check Physical Condition of Your Fish

Please check with a local fish store or aquatic vet if you see anything out of the ordinary.

2. Leave Important Contact Details With Your Fish Sitter

Always leave your fish sitter with your phone details and pet store's located near your appartment.

This will help them contact you in case of emergency or buy nutritious fish food from a pet store.

3. Check Water Temprature

The temp. of your tank water should always be relatively stable.

Fish in their habitat are used to slight variations in temperature throughout the year.

However, a sudden shift can lead to stress and potentially expose them to disease.

4. Set up a Timer to Turn off Aquarium Lights Automatically

Turning off aquarium lights at night and turning them back on during the day, is standard practice.

Getting a Clock is the best solution for everyone involved.

This varies from one fish to another.

5. Avoid Feeding Your Fish

When it comes to food, freshwater fish can go for days with no food.

Adult fish in good health can live without food for up to two weeks.

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