10 Tank Mates Suitable with Ivory mystery snails

10 Tank Mates Suitable with Ivory mystery snails

By Hikaru

Neon Tetra is a good community fish for keeping in an aquarium with mystery snails.

1. Neon Tetras

You can find these little community fish in just about any place as these fish are sold due to their widespread availability and appealing aesthetic.

2. Ghost Shrimp

Ghost shrimp are among the cheapest shrimp available to hobbyists.

Due to their reputation as a cheap feeder shrimp, you can usually buy one for less than 25 cents.

3. Red Cherry Shrimp

Since they can thrive in various environmental settings, RCS are easier to care for than other shrimp species.

With a fish tank of 30 gallons or more, the SAE is a great addition to your clean-up squad, working in tandem with your snails.

4. Siamese Algae Eaters

Unlike some other gourami species, they are not aggressive against any other tank mates in your home aquarium.

5. Honey Gourami

Their bright red faces give them the name "Fireface," as they will brighten up your aquarium.

6. Rummynose Tetras

Corydoras are excellent fish for many reasons: they are quiet and hardy, attractive in a wide range of colors and patterns, and, perhaps most impressively, possess a surprisingly large degree of character for such a small body size.

7. Corydoras

Cherry barbs provide yet more vibrant color to an aquarium containing snails of any kind.

Unlike some of their relatives, they won't bother the other fish in your aquarium, and their bright red coloring will look great there.

8. Cherry Barbs

Like neon tetras, they require little attention once established in an aquarium, provided that the risk of neon tetra disease is not introduced.

9. Cardinal Tetras

Whiptail Catfish are predatory but utterly gentle, making them suitable companions for most snail species.

10. Whiptail Catfish

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